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Sandpoint Rugby

Sandpoint rugby is committed to youth athletics and the advancement of rugby. Rugby is a fun and friendly atmosphere to help the youth of today, develop into strong-minded individuals of tomorrow. 

As coaches, we expect our players to work hard, to demonstrate respect for their team and their opponents, and conduct themselves as gentlemen. We promote sportsmanship, responsibility, discipline, and dedication to family and friends. Our positive coaching methods and relationships with our players set us apart from other teams, regardless of the sport. We take pride in ourselves as Players, Parents, Coaches and Corporate Sponsors.

About 7B Rugby

In the past 3 years, 7b rugby Academy has been innovators and leaders in Youth Development. We service the entire Inland Northwest with more than 500 young athletes in our program. Founded in 2017 the club has many programs for Youth Development and Outreach. In our main driving goal is to create outstanding young adults that will better Society in the future.

Our Academy has a rich history in the rugby Community both home and abroad, whether it’s volunteering time to plant trees, cleaning up local communities, helping at local food banks or forging new bonds with clubs and nonprofits around the world. Through player contacts and international tours, 7B rugby Academy can truly embrace the family mentality that sets the sport apart from all others.

7B rugby Academy offers a plethora of community outreach programs and fitness programs that its athletes are required to participate in. This helps create a mentality and each individual that will benefit them as they become adults. Also, we expand their world beliefs and thoughts by traveling abroad and experiencing cultural differences the other young adults would not have the ability to take advantage of. This allows them to expand they’re thinking and help them to see the big picture of life. We are motivated to create free thinkers they can make decisions and live with the consequences.



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Where The Money Goes...

All sponsorship funding is directly invested in the academy and is used to manage and improve programs for all of our athletes. We also look for Partnerships with sponsors and find creative new ways to raise money and teach the value of hard work.


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Community Based

7B rugby Academy has established itself as a community-based organization. We endeavor to provide Pathways and opportunities for players to compete at local and National levels. 7B Academy encourages adolescents and young adults to stay active and healthy, as well as learn life skills about teamwork, leadership, responsibility, discipline and skill development training.

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